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A 1977 photo from Old Kenmore

I honestly don’t know whether the most surprising part of this 1977 photograph is that it was used on a postcard – which it was – or that the old Barber Shop is now a hair salon. Yes, the branding has changed a little, but it’s still hair. But if you’re wondering – no, Dorothy isn’t running it.

1977 photograph of the small wooden three-storefront building on the north side of Bothell Way between 68th and 73rd Avenues NE.

Uplake Easter Egg Hunt, 2016

Uplake Easter Egg Hunt, 2016
(photo Steve Knapp)

back in 1915

From approximately 1915, a postcard, a hand-coloured black-and-white photograph showing Bothell Way heading west into Kenmore – and a misspelled Sammamish River. It’s very unusual to see a photo of any kind looking west from that far east! The rail line visible in the postcard is now Burke-Gilman Trail.

Below that, enjoy the same view – as best I could manage it – using Apple Maps.



back to 1971

A little while ago, I bought a Japanese-made Korean doll which had been packaged away in 1971 – or so it appears, given that the copy of The Seattle Times used to pad it were from 1971 – and hey, look – an Uplake house for sale!

Also another house elsewhere in Kenmore – this one doesn’t have an address.

Both from the Sunday, July 18th, 1971 issue of The Seattle Times.

Remember Last Summer?

Remember Last Summer?
photo Evelyn Williams